Services & Support


We offer additional services for customers with CuBiAn and Cedex* analyzers to use the full potential of their systems.

For a first impression we offer demos for our CuBiAn systems and Cedex Beads. Customers with systems can deepen their knowledge with our trainings, seminars and webinars. For an individual use of the CuBiAn analyzer an assay development is available.


We believe in our products therefore we offer to learn about them at first hand. The practical experience gives you a true insight of how Optocell products will benefit to your daily routine lab work.

You can challenge our expert-knowledge during the trial period. A personal contact person will be assigned to you to answer all your questions via E-mail and phone. We believe in an individual and personal customer relationship to provide the best possible service and support.

Please contact us if you wish to have an in-house or in-lab demo for the CuBiAn HT270 or if you would like to test our Cedex* beads.

*Cedex is a trademark of Roche

Training, Seminar and Webinar

To complete our services, we offer different options to broaden your knowledge about CuBiAn and Cedex* systems.

In-house training

You are welcome to visit us at our company for a practical training course including accommodation and catering.

In-lab training

We offer to perform the training at your site with your instruments.


We offer presentations at your company for a theoretical training course.


We can set up a webinar for a virtual training course.

Assay Development

For desired parameters that are not part of our assay portfolio we offer different options for the development of assays for the quantitative determination of speciality metabolites and products.

  • Adaption of manual photometric assays to the automated CuBiAn system
  • Adaption of photometric assays of external manufacturers to the CuBiAn system
  • Survey of assays for speciality parameters
  • New development of assays for speciality parameters

Please contact us for detailed information.


Our technical support and application service via E-mail and telephone is for free.

For technical questions and application inquiries please use the following contact details: