CuBiAn HT270


A fully automated biochemistry analyzer in benchtop size. Determine process relevant data as concentrations of substrates, metabolites or protein. The fast and reliable way.

Unattended measurement

Place your samples, program the analysis and leave the instrument on its own. Follow your daily routines and come back later when measurements have finished.

Low calibration frequency / High reproducibility

Calibration is required by change of reagent lot. Typical rate of recalibration is every 1-4 weeks, depending on the method.

Ease of use

Run hundreds of analyses without any maintenance task such as replacing reagents, calibration or refilling supply water.

High flexibility

Freedom of combining any method(s) per cycle you want. Create profiles and process IDs to supervise your bioprocess over time.

Product Description

The CuBiAn HT-270 is a bio-chemistry analyzer, based on the photometric measurement principle. The CuBiAn HT-270 targets high-throughput applications, combined with the small footprint of a benchtop size. The entire CuBiAn product line, the CuBiAn XC (extra compact) and the classic CuBiAn HT (high throughput), also known as rxDaytona, has gathered a broad acceptance throughout the world of process development and production in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and other life science industries.

The CuBiAn HT-270 is a major technical overhaul of the longstanding HT system with over 2500 active systems worldwide. A number of improvements in the entire system have made the unit capable of an overall performance with up to 270 analyses per hour and 404 when equipped with the ISE-Unit.


Evaluations created from a broad number of measurement series, show a high reproducibility of results, even across different types of CuBiAn analyzers. Highly stable and actively cooled reagents allow maintaining CVs below 6% over many days without re-calibration, during QC verification.

Technical features at a glance

  • Photometric Measurement
  • The analyzer uses the long established and well-accepted routines of photometric-based analysis. Both, endpoint and kinetic determination can be performed.
  • The analyzer can easily be adapted to process-specific needs. Measurement ranges can be customised; dilution steps are performed with automated precision of CV < 2%.
  • Results are highly reproducible over a long period of time and across all analyzers of the CuBiAn family.
  • Perform calibration once per production lot of reagents only (i.e. once a month).
  • Sampling
  • Selection of applied methods per sample is fully independent.
  • Small sample volume required (minimum of 100 µL).
  • Ability to create templates and process IDs, to measure regularly recurring samples along timespans.
  • New samples can be added at any time during active measurement. Normal or emergency flag can be applied for samples with higher priority to be analysed before regular ones.
  • Capacity for 50 sample tubes (40 regular + 10 for special use).
  • Accuracy of pipetting volumes is regularly inspected not to exceed a CV of 2% for the sampling pipette and 1% for the reagent pipette, respectively.
  • Quality Control
  • Calibration data is accessible and can be interpreted at any time.
  • The analyzer’s QC entity offers a range of evaluation methods and settings, common in industry and science.
  • Precision and accuracy of each method can be monitored for quality control using control liquids of 3 concentration levels.
  • Data Management
  • Any type of data is ready to be exported at any time, for direct access on screen, to be sent to a connected printer or as a file to be imported and processed directly to Microsoft Excel or similar.
  • The analyzer uses the common ASTM protocol to interoperate with LIMS/LIS host computers.