+++ MEET US AT 5th Laupheim Biotech Days 20.-21.09.2018 +++

26.06.2018 We would like to invite you to visit our booth no. 3 at this year's Laupheim Biotech Days held by Rentschler Biopharma. See you there! Find more information here: https://www.rentschler-biopharma.com/de/aktuelles/5th-laupheim-biotech-days/.

iGEM Bielefeld

22.12.2017 This year‘s iGEM Bielefeld Team convinced at the big iGEM finale in Boston, where more than 300 teams participated to present their projects in Synthetic Biology. The Bielefeld-Team of 14 students was awarded with a gold medal and prizes for „Best Foundational Advance“ and ... Read more

Keep your Roche Cedex Cell Counter running with our specialised beads products!

22.12.2017 We offer a complete solution for your Cell Counter based on image recognition: Particle Solutions for calibration of Cedex*, Cedex HiRes*, CASY*, Vi-CELL**, Bioprofile Flex***, etc. (*Cedex, C ... Read more

CuBiAn C125

22.12.2017 COMING SOON: Our New Compact Analyzer CuBiAn C125 is expected to launch in February 2018! For in-house or in-lab demonstrations please contact info@optocell.com. There are still dates available.Click here for more ... Read more