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BioProcessingDays 18.-21.02.2018

BPD 2018

Wir sind Sponsor der BioProcessingDays 2018 an der Westfälischen Hochschule Recklinghausen. Nehmen Sie an unserem Workshop zum Thema „Metabolitanalyse Custom-made: Neue Einsichten in Upstream-Prozesse mit individuell gefertigten Tests“ teil! Sie finden uns zu den angegebenen Workshop-Zeiten in Raum 101. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier im Veranstaltungsflyer.


Keep your Roche Cedex Cell Counter running with our specialised beads products!


We offer a complete solution for your Cell Counter based on image recognition: Particle Solutions for calibration of Cedex*, Cedex HiRes*, CASY*, Vi-CELL**, Bioprofile Flex***, etc. (*Cedex, Cedex HiRes and CASY are trademarks of Roche, **Vi-CELL is a trademark of Beckman Coulter, ***Bioprofile Flex is a trademark of Nova Biomedical).

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CuBiAn C125

COMING SOON: Our New Compact Analyzer CuBiAn C125 is expected to launch in February 2018! For in-house or in-lab demonstrations please contact

There are still dates available.
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CuBiAn C125


iGEM Bielefeld

This year‘s iGEM Bielefeld Team convinced at the big iGEM finale in Boston, where more than 300 teams participated to present their projects in Synthetic Biology. The Bielefeld-Team of 14 students was awarded with a gold medal and prizes for „Best Foundational Advance“ and „Best Basic Part“ and furthermore nominated in several categories. Optocell is an official sponsor of iGEM Bielefeld 2017 and proud of their achievements. For more information, see


Coming Soon!

Our New Compact Analyzer CuBiAn C125 will be presented at the 6th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Conference (6 – 7 November 2017) in London. Be the first to catch a glimpse!

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New Material Safety Data Sheets and Instruction Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets and Instruction Sheet for our whole Product Range of Assays, Calibrators, Controls and Consumables are now available in the Download-Section!

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